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The Web11 tech conference is where software and business professionals meet to discuss the broad range of technologies needed to build a better web.

September 29th, in Groningen

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This year's special theme: The Future of Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a relativly new profession, but it's evolving very quickly. We are taking a step back to take a look at our methods and tooling. What are we actually doing? And how could our future look like?

We will cover several topics this year. For example:

  • In which direction are we going as software engineers
  • Semantic programming
  • Security and privacy as DNA
  • Ethics
  • Programming becoming a blue collar job
  • Software we don't understand (machine learning)
  • Consequences of Software Failures
  • Why our goverment loses 5 bln per year in bad software projects

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What is Web11?

Connecting everything to the web can make the world a better place. If we do so responsibly. This requires web technology that has transparency, autonomy, decentralisation, security and privacy in its DNA. And a new approach to building connected software systems you understand and control. The future is already here so now is the time to make the right choices and work on technology we trust.

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