Dear Participants,

On behalf of the Web11 foundation, we want to thank you for attending the third annual Web11 Conference. We hope that you found the conference inspiring. The primary goal of this conference was to introduce the Web11 initiative to associates from various disciplines and officially kick-off our year of smart ecosystem engineering.  

We were delighted by your participation in asking relevant questions and engaging in fruitful debate. Your participation has given us insights on the attainable potential of applying smart ecosystem engineering worldwide but more importantly elucidated us to the many obstacles that we still face with the current world order.  

To keep the momentum going, Web11 will organize bimonthly open forum sessions where we continue to build towards Web11 ideals and discuss various potential implications of engineering smart technology to give ecosystems a voice.

Topics may include but are not limited to;

  • the implications of de-centralized networks
  • Big Data liability and reliability
  • Technology as the mediator between stakeholders
  • ‘Smart contracts’ defying contract lawyers
  • Re-modeling/re-structuring value chains
  • The circular economy’s future

To participate in the discussion or get actively involved in our ongoing projects sign up to ‘Join Web11’  below and we will subscribe you to invitations and updates. You should also follow us on twitter to stay up to date and join our meetup page.

We strongly believe that It is the collection of dedicated and diverse minds put together, that can drive our ecosystems and networks into a healthier and more efficient state. Next years’ Conference will be larger in scale with efforts to showcase this principle at full volume!


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