The Web11 Conference is an interdisciplinary meeting of international professionals working on the different topics related to smart ecosystems. Experts from the areas of technology, science, business and art will present their latest findings and engage in open conversations. The conference is one day filled with talks, discussions and entertainment. Food and drinks are provided for.

The ultimate goal is that by the end of the day we have a better understanding of how we could make the world a better place by making ecosystems smart.

Web11 Summit (G11)

The Web11 Summit (G11) is held the day before the conference. The summit is where the steering committee of the Web11 Foundation meets to discuss the long term strategy. The committee will give an update at the conference.

Who should join?

Although the presentations are given by experts from the different domains, anybody that shares the vision that we could make the world a better place by making ecosystems smart should join. Whether you are scientist, student, entrepreneur, inventor, software engineer, circular economy enthusiast, or non of those but simply interested in thinking about ways to save the planet, this is the conference you should attend.


November 10th 2017


Het Groninger Forum is a cultural living and working environment. A place where artists, creative people, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can meet. It is a 3-minute walk from the central train station and in the heart of the city.

Hereplein 73, 9711 GD Groningen
+31 50 312 0433