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Web11 is all about building a better web. This is a long-term mission which we can’t do all by ourselfs. That’s why we need you.

Business owners

We need ambitious business owners with real-life problems. We want to build software that solves problems. Do you have a company that depends heavily on software? Come talk to us!


Want to build cool stuff that matters? You’re in the right place. We don’t want you because you know all the latest JS libraries. We want to have you because you’re tired of the current way of building software. Software that’s solving short-term problems, but won’t scale and won’t take responsibility. If you want to build software that supports the world in stead of breaks it, come talk to us!

People who want to do good

Not owning a company? Never heard of Python either? But do you have a good heart? You can always invest in our software by giving money or just spreading the word. We love to show you where, how and why we work. Come talk to us!